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This online guide will help you prepare for a Cellar Training Course / Cellar Management Course and is designed for absolute beginners and those wishing to refresh their memory following a Cellar Training Course / Cellar Management Course.

It is written by a qualified Molson Coors Brewery Engineer and is based on 19 years of fixing beer problems and giving Cellar Training Courses / Cellar Management Courses.

To make things easy to understand there are lot’s of photographs of beer & cellar equipment and full explanations of what everything does - Ideal if you know absolutely nothing about beer systems.

This website starts from the absolute beginning and explains everything that a cellar training / management course will cover.

If you have never heard of such things as barrel’s, fob detector’s, free flow and metered this site will explain in simple terms and with very clear photographs exactly how these things work.

If you are purchasing a pub or bar, considering working behind a bar serving drinks or just want to find out how beer stuff works, then you have come to the right place.

Where possible I have also added external web links for each of the gadgets being explained - these links open in the same window so you can use your back button to return to this website.

These external web links will take you to a manufacturer or supplier of the gadget concerned. Generally speaking these gadgets are available from many suppliers and manufacturers - I have only chosen the first company that popped up in a web search or that I know from my day to day work!

I haven’t been paid for these links - although I wouldn't say no to a packet of chocolate hob nob biscuits!


If you find this web site useful and are considering opening or are already running a pub, club, bar or restaurant it would be great if you would consider purchasing my company’s beer (Molson Coors Brewing Company) - After all it keeps me in a job and although I’m biased we do have absolutely top notch beers!

Just call 0845 6000 888 - select the sales option - and request a visit from our local Sales Representative. They will also be able to tell you who your dedicated Engineer will be and arrange your free Cellar Training Course / Cellar Management Course.

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If you do decide to trade with us, you will be assigned a dedicated engineer - each Molson Coors Brewery Engineer and Sales Representative are permanently assigned to a postcode area - so any issues that crop up will get dealt with by the same person - this means you won’t be passed from pillar to post - issue’s will be resolved and resolved quickly. Some Sales Reps and Engineers have been on the same postcode area for 30 years!

Your Engineer will be able to guide and advise you with absolutely every technicality - and as an engineer I have been asked some pretty bizarre things over the years - so don’t worry about asking weird questions! (We engineers offer as much free advice as your kettle can supply - mine is milk with two sugars!)


Health & Safety Disclaimer:- Under no circumstances should you carry out any activity on any beer dispense system until you have received a ‘Hands On’ Cellar Training Course / Cellar Management Course delivered by a qualified person.

Beer systems have the very real potential to kill and / or seriously injure and this web site by it’s very nature cannot provide ‘Hands On’ guidance.


There are only 3 Beers systems in use in the UK and these are fully explained with lots of photographs and drawings

1. The Freeflow Beer Dispense System

2. The Metered Beer Dispense System

3. The Cask Beer - Hand Pull Dispense System


The first place to start is the Beer Cellar - This is the name of the room where your beer is stored.

If you click on any of the photographs they will pop up in a larger size to make them easier to see.

Some random photos of beer equipment stuff you will see on your Cellar Training Course / Cellar Management Course - Don’t worry, these are fully explained in the Freeflow, Metered and Cask Beer - Hand Pull pages in the respective menu’s at the top of this page.

A photograph of steps down to the beer cellar - Be afraid, be very afraid! A photograph of the beer cellar entrance showing various beer containers. A photograph of a metered beer dispense system in a beer cellar A photograph of a Freeflow T-Bar with 4 beer taps on it - These beer taps are used to pour beer into the beer glasses. It is called a T-bar because it sort of looks like a T shape. A photograph of two beer remote coolers - these are like industrial freezers that can cool beer at the speed of light! A photograph of a keg beer container for Carling lager showing the chrome 'keg coupler' connected.

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